We become attached to our pets just as like any other member of the family. Losing a pet will be the most traumatic experience for anyone who has a pet. And since all the pets have a limited life span, one day or the other everyone has to experience the D-Day.  So what are the different ways we can keep remember our pet after it is gone. Let us find out.

  1. Urns – This is the most popular choice among people. Urns are used to store the pet remains after they are cremated.  They come in different sizes for different animals. Also, they are manufactured in different materials like wood, marble, ceramic etc or some are made in eco-friendly materials. There is also option of customized urns available in some places.
  2. Window Decals – This can act as a remembrance souvenir. Decals are UV resistant, heavy duty materials which are put on windows. These window decals can be customized with the pet’s name; its photo with you, “I miss you” quotes etc and put in the drawing rooms.
  3. Photo Album – This is the easiest option isn’t it? A photo album or a book with all the photos of the pet along with you and family members is the best and easiest remembrance. Whenever you miss it, take the album and browse through the pictures, your day will become better for sure.
  4. Taxidermy – It is one of the most unique options available. If you do not want to cremate the pet and want to have it displayed, approach a taxidermist. He can remove everything and stuff the pet up and make it like a toy. It can always be beside you, isn’t it? They cost about $800 to $2000 dollars depending upon the size.
  5. Memorial Service – One of the best ways to remember and pay respect to your pet is holding a memorial service. A get together of the whole family, lunch at your house, getting together in church or a park and offering tribute to pet is the best way to remember the pet.
  6. Making Videos – Just like a photo album, making a video of all the photos of the pet, some good heart touching videos of it in functions can be grouped together and made into a video with a background track. While playing this video, it will bring us back some great memories of the past.
  7. Paintings – A professional painting of the photograph of your pet and hanging it up in our room, wont it feel it is with us forever?
  8. Headstones – After the pet burial, headstones can be created in that place as its memorial. There are different types of headstones in different materials like metals, graphite etc. Also, it can be customized with photo and other things as we would wish. You can purchase pet memorial gifts at lcmemorials
  9. Jewelry – There are many goldsmiths who make and give customized jewelry as we like. Jewelries, rings etc with pet’s photo can be a great remembrance.
  10. Tattoo – Tattoos in your body of the name of the pet or its photo will give us a life-long remembrance of our pet.

Hence, these are few of lots of weird and odd ideas which will not make you miss your favorite pet.

Customized pillows are often used by people during sleep. As such, these types of pillows are 
usually seen in the bedroom. Store owners have been pretty expansive with the types of pillows 
they are able to customize. One of them can be found in the form of throw pillows. Let us look at 
how throw pillows benefit greatly from the customizable options that are available to them as 
why as why it is a good idea to take part in designing them. 

Throw Pillows Are Readily Seen

Throw pillows are also called small decorative pillows which are placed on a chair or a couch. 
These throw pillows offer a great deal of comfort and style to its users. Unlike pillows used in 
your bedroom, throw pillows are more visible with them being out in the open. As a result, your 
guests will take notice of your throw pillows the moment they step inside in the confines of your 
living room. For that matter, it is important that you make sure that these pillows are always in 
good working condition for your guests to use. 
Aside from cleaning and changing your throw pillows on a regular basis, a number of individuals 
have taken the extra step in designing them. This gave birth to the rise in popularity of custom 
throw pillows. By customizing throw pillows, people are able to keeps things fresh and 
interesting while at the same time be able to show off their new designs to their guests. 

Surprise Your Guest

People are able to surprise their guest with their personalized throw pillows. Designs can range 
from anything that you can think of. This in turn can help brighten a person’s day when they see 
your cool designs. The same can also be said when your relatives are dropping by for a visit. A 
number of couples decide to make custom throw pillows of their children which relatives love 

Sharing Throw Pillows

Seeing their impressive design, your guests will surely have a number of questions that revolve 
around your custom throw pillows. You can decide to make share your throw pillows by sending 
them as gifts or perhaps guide your guests on how you were able to make them. There are a 
number of stores that provide great customizations with their throw pillows making them fairly 
accessible in the present. Find a store near you today! 

Things she is tired of hearing

We live in the 21st century where a key value is taught in schools and that is of Gender equality. But the sad part is that we have seriously struggled to give HER the equal status she deserves. There is always a “But she is a woman lingering somewhere in our minds.”

Let’s take a look at some of the frustrations a woman has to deal with on a constant basis:

The perception that she dresses to be pleasing to a man’s eye:

Well this is the most encountered one. If she takes an extra effort to look good, its assumed that she has done it to impress some guy who is around her.

No, this is pretty stupid like what are we even thinking?

Even if men vanished off earth one morning, she will spend the same time selecting that perfect shade of lipstick or the perfect colour of the jeans.

We are not the judges to a fashion show that goes around 24×7.

Take that straight.

The perception that whatever great qualities she has will wither off once she becomes a mother:

This is one biggie here.

We all have that girl who is the best at what she does.

But some creeps be talking about her that its ok this will last until she gets married after that it’s the same shit.

Kids their diapers and their crying and this is where she will belong.

Believe me. I have seen a lot of them come back after the maternity leave and kick serious ass.

They were more efficient with some new vigour they got after that leave.

So, if she is great at something it’s her skill. Nothing can ever take that away.

The perception of being an authoritarian if she has an opinion:

If a girl stands up for a point she believes in.

She does believe in it that’s it.

It’s not that she wants to show who’s the boss by making her point.

Yup they have that emotional quotient more than we do.

That doesn’t mean that it’s all they have.

They have a working brain to know about something and stand for it.

So the next time a woman stands for a point she makes. Don’t judge it as a lady point, listen to it with care, she may have a unique perspective we men can’t provide.

The perception that she shouldn’t try to be everything:

We should stop undermining things she does just because she is a woman.

If she loves something and wants to follow it. We have the responsibility to help her in every way we can.

Of course we have to tell her about the challenges but I really don’t think that is the case mostly.

Women are constantly told about how they can’t do something just because they are women.

Like what does chemistry need that a woman can’t have as a skill?

The core engineering fields have also seen discrimination against women.

She has some differences in her brain structure surely.

But that doesn’t stop her from using it in a way better than you.

So, it doesn’t matter if she is a woman, if she wants to do something, there is nothing that can stop her.

So these were some frustrations that a woman has to face. Let me know about more.