You wouldn’t think such a thing exists, but there exists a underworld of sorts that consists of many people in the western countries that practices male chastity. When I first read about it, I was shocked – they put the guy’s penis in an actual cage. What in the world?


I honestly don’t really understand why they do it, at-least I didn’t at first. Many people have different kinks – many are where the man is being dominant. After being so used to the notion that it’s the men who are always dominant, the notion of a female led relationship is definitely something new, and intriguing.


This kink started off in the Uk a few decades ago, and it’s spread to America – but why do people do it?

Tom from Manchester says “I just want to be completely under my wife’s control – my existence is for her pleasure, and for her to deny me pleasure”.


Such a quote may seem strange to you, but he is not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people are taking part of this.

There are even devices that enables the two to have sexual intercourse without the man feeling any pleasure – something called a hollow dildo. Essentially, the man puts his caged up member inside of the dildo, and then he makes love to his significant other. Yes – he does not receive physical pleasure from this.


Why does he do it? He gets off…. on not getting off. I’m not even kidding. Although I can understand how some one can get pleasure from giving pleasure.



Some men are locked up ALL the time. Reasons can differ. I was reading a christian (off the deep end) forum the other day. There was a family having a “problem” with their kid masturbating. The solution? Put a male chastity device on him! Not even kidding. This is insane. If you’re wondering what they look like, take a look at “Lock The Cock“‘s website – not even kidding, that is what they’re called.


I have no problem with a consenting adult putting on such a device, but a teenager? It’s completely healthy and natural for a teenager to be jacking off. Who didn’t? To deny a teenager of this is abuse at best.


What about the women that wants their men in chastity?


The women doesn’t necessarily deny them sexual pleasure – as long as they are around. As a keyholder (most chastity devices come with a lock), they have full control over when the man may use his member for pleasure. These women want full control over their man – they don’t want the man to experience sexual pleasure during their absence. But when she’s there, it’s all good, she will unlock it and let her man do what he pleases.


Some people go beyond – like with the example of the hollow dildo. These women just want to deny their men all the time. Eventually, these men can even ejaculate while being flacid, how weird is that?


Thanks for reading this post, hope you found this mildly entertaining.

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