Maintenance is one aspect of the business which is always essential yet, we try to avoid as much as possible. Because an industry is made up of machines and its components, maintenance needs to be done from time to time. And this maintenance puts burden into the overall budget of a business. One may want to cut down the share of the maintenance by opting for cheaper alternatives of maintenance but it comes with a serious price. There may arise a time, when maintenance is done only when the system fails. Due to whatever reason, the system may face even drastic damage due to the unhealthy environment that it was working on. For example if there was a lose wire and sparks were happening, it puts a serious threatening into the overall health of the system as it doesn’t only pose threat to the component involved but it can damage the system overall. So while trying to save a few bucks from maintenance, you end up paying more and more due to damage of the key components and it doesn’t seem feasible many at times.

That’s why the concept of maintenance came into the picture. It not only keeps the system healthy but it also checks the vital components for Amy errors and keeps the system running smoothly and on optimal level. With maintenance in place, a system doesn’t need to worry about disasters that may take place as the burden is taken up by the maintenance system to keep the system running.

That’s why in an industry maintenance plays a very significant role. It can make or even break a while business because just think about it, if you need to put the system on halt for a significant period of time, you may end up losing marketing advantage and this production less period could end up hurting you much more than you could have anticipated.

Now, for this to achieve, many ways of maintenance could be implemented. For example, one may opt for cheaper options where maintenance is indeed done when the actual disaster takes place but none before that. It makes it viable for small industries where, the equipment aren’t costly and maintenance ends up more in the liability section in the balance sheet than the amount of assets that the business has. But for big industries, where there are lots and lots of costly equipment, it simply isn’t feasible at any condition. Which is why there is a affordable alternative to vibration meters at proaxion.

That’s where condition based and predictive based maintenance comes into play. Condition based maintenance is a type of maintenance where maintenance is based upon predefined conditions of the system. If, those conditions are met, then some trigger kicks in and rise of maintenance is occurred. While predictive maintenance, though uses the same or almost same technology, uses algorithm to predict where and when disaster may occur and advices to run maintenance based upon that predictions.

While algorithm takes a key role in predictive maintenance, it is the conditions itself which makes the bulk for condition based maintenance. This plays the key difference between the predictive based maintenance and conditions based maintenance.

Another difference that indeedĀ arisesĀ is, in case of conditions based maintenance, the half of a system is a must for maintenance to take place. In simple words, in conditions based maintenance, a system needs to be stopped completely so that the maintenance could go on. But that isn’t a requirement for predictive maintenance to carry out. In predictive maintenance, the system could be up and running even when the maintenance is being carried out which makes a great difference in the end because production doesn’t need to suffer while maintenance is taking place.



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